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March is coming, which means only one thing: Requiem, the last and final installment of my Delirium trilogy, is just a few short months away! Sniff. I’ll miss Lena, Hana, Julian, and of course, Alex…but as my series ends, a whole bunch of new, exciting series are about to hit the…

If I could relive any day I would relive the day that my first “real”  boyfriend asked me out. It was only my freshman year of high school and this kid was my WORLD. He had been a really good friend of mine since elementary school and I really liked him. I just never had felt such a strong connection with anyone else in my life and we had nothing in common, but that’s what was so good. I felt so happy, giddy and nervous that day filled with butterflies. I dated him for a year and a half, of course which is quite some time for a highschool relationship. However, we broke up months ago and before I was devastated, but now I feel like I really learned how carefully I should trust the people who say they love me. I know I can feel that happy being in love and getting butterflies feeling but being in highschool is too early for all that stuff. I think that when the time comes I’ll find someone new, just like Lena did. (And of course I still miss this boy at times, but honestly I’m completely over it and can’t wait for a new experience with someone else because you don’t stay with your first love forever). So I choose this memory because of the feeling I experienced, not because of the person. I can’t wait till I can fall in love with someone and experience the butterflies, nervousness, comfortableness with that person and make more memories.

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